Bob Needs a Liver Donor

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Bob is fortunate to have a highly qualified medical help and support team at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the University of Utah Health (UUH).  He wants potential partial liver donors to know they will be in exceptional hands. UUH has shared the following as a pre-qualification list for a partial liver donation from a donor.:

  1. be between the ages of 18-55
  2. have good overall physical and mental health
  3. be free of major health problems such as diabetes and obesity

During a partial living liver transplant, only a section of the donor’s liver is removed.  That section is then transplanted into the recipient.  Within weeks, the part of the liver that was removed will start to regenerate (like a starfish or a lizard).  In a few months, the liver will regrow to it’s full size.  Learn more living liver donation facts.  

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