A proven program that empowers organ transplant recipients,  protects living donors, and saves lives, proving that giving in full trust… works.

Transformative Impact

GiftWorks believes patients and their living donors should feel equally supported, empowered, and part of an amazing exchange that is both lifesaving and beautiful.  

Listen to an interview to see how the program not only empowers recipients, but advocates for their living donors. Featuring images of GiftWorks’ recipients and donors. 


Serving Recipients & Donors

The GiftWorks’ program has three pillars designed to serve both recipients and those who step forward to become living donors.  Our fundamental pillars are education, support, and advocacy.


Knowing the benefits of living organ donation gives  both recipients and their donors the information they need to confidently commit to transplantation.  Both recipients and donors are provided with ongoing education and resources. 


Recipients in the GiftWorks’ program are provided with coaching, tools, and a proven step-by-step process led by guides who are experts in marketing so they can share their unique stories, leverage their network, and engage with possible donors.


Potential living donors receive information and guidance from GiftWorks throughout the transplant journey from experienced navigators who are living organ donors. Each navigator is committed to ensuring donors are fully aware of their rights and protections.

2023 Pilot Program

University of Utah Health

The 10-patient pilot program was a collaborative effort between the University of Utah Health (UUH) and GiftWorks which lasted 6 months.  During the pilot, 10-patients and their living donor candidates had the opportunity to go through the entire GiftWorks’ program.  

To the right, you will see pilot results. Phase 2 of the GiftWorks program at the University of Utah Health launched in February 2024, supporting 25 recipients. 

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